"The Training you provided our Soldiers exceeded all expectation and gave us the ability to prepare and  defend against a potential active shooter scenario which are becoming increasingly more common. Your ability to consistently reiterate the importance of attention to detail both technically and tactically has and will continue to make a stark difference in our organization."

-Thomas M. Carden, JR.
Commanding Brigadier General,

April 2016 - GA Army National Guard

"Mike Kanarek is a maelstrom of instructional intensity. Each day of training under his tutelage brought a standing ovation, he is that good. As a representative of the largest municipal police agency in the world, I can say, without qualification: F.I.G.H.T.  works."

-Daniel Modell
Lieutenant, NYPD

November 2008 - Tactical Training Unit, New York, NY

" In this new age, the threats our forces encounter can come from anywhere. Ranging from Active Shooter, while our soldiers are on patrol, to responding against Insurgents as a QRF. The knife is now a great tool on each of our soldier's belt that would have been otherwise overlooked, but now can be effectively employed in Street To Street warfare. What we learned in this LO'Z Course will indeed save lives"

Landis P. Ford
1LT , Army Military Police
178th QRF Team Commander
June 2017 Military Police 170th Battalion

"Please let me take this opportunity to thank you for changing our lives! The manner you tailored the training to suit our unique mission set and equipment was absolutely astonishing and the skills you taught us will greatly enhance our readiness in dealing with potential high jacking and terrorist threats during airborne operation on the CH47 in Afghanistan."


-Robert B. Hutson
Captain, Army National Guard Commander
Hunter AAF, Savannah, Georgia

November 2013

"My Marines now have the confidence that they can survive and destroy the enemy with a knife...I cannot over state the unique nature of the training and how powerful this has been as a combat multiplier."

-Kelsey R. Thompson

Major, U.S. Marine Corps
Director of Marine Training

Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado Island, California
August 2009

"The combative and counter-terrorism training you provided my team was superb. Your expertise was evident, the training surpassed all expectations i commend your dedication, professionalism and commitment to preparing soldiers to not only survive violent encounters, but dominate and overcome threats. Thank you for preparing us mentally and physically for the mission ahead in Uganda."

-Peter C. Vanaburgh
Colonel, U.S. Army
Commander 560th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade

September 2009

"I greatly appreciate the specialized combat training you provided members of the Coast Guard Deployable Special Forces community. You conducted more than 80 hours of intensive training which clearly improved our unit's fitness, confidence, and situational awareness thereby improving our overall mission capabilities. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to training TACLET South."

-J.J. Daly
Commander, U.S. Coast Guard
August 2007 - TACLET South, Miami, FL

"I wanted to personally thank you for the superior training you provided to my Soldiers and Force Recon Marines. Your training has given them the confidence that they will not only survive a hostile encounter with the enemy but also dominate, destroy, and overcome him with superior technique and skill. Thank you for sharing your passion with these men and developing their abilities as Elite Warriors for this nation."

-Robert B Gaston
Colonel, U.S. Army
Commander, Counter Drug Task Force

May 2008 - Fort Dobbins, Atlanta, GA

"Your replication of realism and application of real life situations simulates the chaos we will experience...I thank you for developing the elite warriors of the 165th ASOS"

-Roger M. Brooks IV
Major, U.S. Air Force

Commader of JTAC 165th ASOS

February 2015 - Air Support Operations Georgia