W.O.L.F. Level 1

The WOLF Level 1 course is the "Bootcamp" phase of the series.

It is 30 hours long, with a maximum of 3 hours rest/sleep. The maximum 3 hours rest/sleep window is an earned system, participants must earn the 3 hours rest/sleep period by performance in the tasks and drills leading to that scheduled time. The better the performance of the entire group the more rest/sleep they secure. If performance starts to drop, rest/sleep time is "shaved" off the 3 hours. Fuel (food and water) is limited in the entire 30 hours duration of the training. Training includes: Battle-Ready KickBoxing, Golani Brigade Combat Fitness Course, Blade Warrior, IPTT Handgun Dry-Fire Drills, Urban Navigation, and a couple surprises...

Graduates of this course receive a Graduate Tshirt, and a WOLF Level-1 Patch.