Muay Thai

Muay Thai - Thai Boxing

The history of Muay Thai can be traced back to the 9th century, AD. Ancient stone carvings and painting can be studied in numerous temples in both Thailand and Burma. There were once Royal Boxers retained by Kings, Temple Boxers supported by monasteries, Warrior Boxers that were trained foot soldiers and Village Boxers who were farmers, hunters and fishermen. It is speculated that only Royal Boxers and Warrior Boxers entered "Death Matches", while the other two groups did not fight to the death. The Warrior Boxers were also trained in weaponry, in an art called Kraby Krabong. The Warrior Boxing style is sometimes referred to as Military Muay Thai, or Muay Boran. Muay Boran is very similar to Burmese Boxing since it was those two arts that clashed in a significant amount of the Death Matches during those two countries war conflicts.

In modern day, Military Muay Thai became extinct and Muay Thai became a traditional Martial Art further developing into an organized brutal Combat Sport. There have been more deaths and serious injuries in Muay Thai than any other Combat Sport. Muay Thai is considered by many Thai natives their National sport and they are very proud of its rich fighting history.

The 2 Camps Of Muay Thai

Traditional Muay Thai
 Dutch Thai Boxing

The first camp of Muay Thai is the Traditional Muay Thai camp. Hailing straight out of Thailand this method of Muay Thai is taught in an art form with traditional rituals holding its connection to its deep ancient origins. This method has also a strong spiritual connection to the art and history of Muay Thai and the Thai culture. The training methods and techniques, for the most part, have not been changed for centuries in order to preserve and keep the art pure to its original form and traditional standards. If trained in this method by a true traditional authentic Muay Thai Master, the use of sticks for blocking techniques is an example of such ancient method not found in modern sport camps.

The second camp is the Dutch camp. Pioneered by the legendary Mejiro Gym in Amsterdam, this camp emphasizes the sport aspect more than the traditional camp. As a matter of fact, the only objective of the Dutch Muay Thai camp is success in the ring. All rituals from Traditional Muay Thai have been stripped away to give way to more modern condition training time spent on the mat. This camp also operates more as a team like camp, versus the Traditional camp being more of a lone warrior type of fighter camp. European strong work ethic, is the heartbeat of the Dutch Muay Thai camp. The most famous fighters hailing out of this camp are Rob Kaman and Ramon Deker.

The Muay Thai method taught at Warrior Strength, S2B Muay Thai is 75% Dutch Thai Boxing & 25% Traditional Muay Thai.


The HaganaH F.I.G.H.T.

program provides the world’s only complete self-defense system with realistic, practical solutions for worst-case scenario attacks/threats. Students learn defenses against punches, kicks and other strikes, escapes and releases from chokes, bear hugs, head locks and other grappling techniques, defense against knive attacks, handguns threats and other weapons with explosive practical reality based tactics. "Warrior Strength" exposes you to the entire core system in just a 18 week rotation which mirrors the Israeli Defense Forces.

Students are drilled to create a mindset that reacts to a violent assault by immediately switching from a victim to an aggressor. Every touch is designed to create damage. Every tactic has both a defensive and offensive element. Techniques are overlapped to “short-circuit” and overwhelm the attacker. THERE ARE NO RULES of engagement. Every technique builds on instinctive responses.

The HaganaH teaching approach is designed to mirror military style teaching while recognizing the time demands and typical fitness levels of the working adult. The curriculum is simple to learn and presented in a comprehensive realistic manner. All material will ultimately rely on muscle memory so the scenarios are therefore short, sweet, and to the point. Students will not have to memorize 100 different techniques that they will ultimately forget when the time to comes to REACT UNDER STRESS!

The HaganaH F.I.G.H.T. program is taught to civilians, law enforcement and military personnel. Just about anyone can do it, regardless of strength, size, or physical fitness. You’ll get in great shape, have an absolute blast and get the same kind of confidence of the professionals. The confidence that comes from knowing you can handle whatever situation you might encounter. It’s confidence that comes out not only in physically threatening situations (which will hopefully never occur) but also in your daily life. We include upgraded and evolved scenario training. Our system is continually enhanced and combat proven!

Blade Warrior

Blade Warrior is the Specialty of the house. Blade Warrior is the most advanced version of Mike Lee Kanarek's Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting (ITK) program. It is the same program he teaches to US Special Units while away to teach military contracts. Training includes: rapid deployment drills, knife combatives for regular grip, knife combatives for reverse grip, knife sparring strategies, trench knife fighting using walls and corners and more...Blade Warrior is taught in our Advanced & Black Belts classes.


The Fit-4-Battle program is an Unconventional Functional Fitness method with Combat Fitness fitness acquisition as its objective. The use of unconventional equipment and methods are the heart beat of these classes. Kettlebells, Battling Ropes, Sandbags, Jump boxes, Slam Balls, Steel Maces, Ammo Boxes and more are used in training...."We Don't Use Machines, We Are Machines"