W.O.L.F. Series

The WOLF Series is a 3 levels series of physically and mentally challenging courses designed to give U.S. civilians a chance to "taste" an IDF Golani Brigade experience and build the students in a logical progression approach to become Urban Warfare Warriors.

Unlike most other programs in other systems where the 1st level of training is typically easier than the upper higher levels, the WOLF program features an opposite approach. The 1st Level is the hardest and the longest in duration of training. The 2nd level is the mid level in intensity and is shorter in duration of training. And finally , the 3rd level is the easiest physically and the shortest in duration of training.

This approach is designed to weed out the weak to not reach the 3rd level, and to build the students in the 1st and 2nd levels for the Tactical Mindset of the 3rd level course.